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Twist Pasta 200g x 20


ey Features Made from durum wheat semolina  Quick to prepare A good source of Vitamins Contains  Fibre  Comes in 500g It is rich in protein Specifications Product Line: Golden Penny Twist Production Country: Nigeria Weight: 200g,


Have you tried Golden Penny Twist?

Golden Penny Twist is an elbow shaped pasta with hollow. It is light, filling and tasty. You can have it for breakfast, lunch and even dinner.

It cooks in just 10 minutes. Fast right? Yes, that’s our twist “winks”.

It is enjoyable with different stews, sauces, veggies and gravies.

It can serve as a light and quick meal as it is fortified with vitamin A, fibre and protein. 

It is available in 200g.

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Weight 4 kg


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