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Amaizing Day Cereal 45g x 100


Key Features Made from finest quality Maize, Soya and Cassava Fortified with the power of 4 vitamins, Dietary fiber, Protein, Calcium and Vitamin A  Available in different sizes Contains the same calcium as a glass of milk Rich in fibre to aid digestion Quick and easy to prepare Specifications Product Line: Golden Penny Amaizing Day…


Because we know breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it is important to start the day right. Golden Penny Amazing Day Cereal gives you the right start to your day as it is made from carefully selected ingredient to give your family the right nutrients to keep them strong and healthy.

The Golden Penny Amazing Day cereal is made by Flour Mills Of Nigeria and was launched into the Nigerian market in April 2021. Amazing Day cereal is widely accepted by consumers who are seeking for the right nutrition for their family.

Made from carefully finest grains like whole maize, soya cassava and essential nutrients like fibre for a healthy digestion, vitamin A for sharp eyes, proteins for growth and Calcium for strong bones. The great news is you get the same amount of Calcium as a glass of milk when you consume Amazing Day cereal. With Amazing Day cereal you are sure your family is fortified with the right nutrients.

Golden Penny Amazing Day cereal comes in different sizes, which makes it affordable for everyone!

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